Doug Casey Interview

Volatility is your friend.  Opportunity to buy and sell at radical extremes.

“I do not have a crystal ball, and I am not a fortune teller, so I cannot guarantee this will happen or when it will.  But at some point, there will be a bubble in gold. It is entirely likely that as people panic out of dollars, they will go into equities, not based on fundamentals, but as an exit from dollars.  Could have a super boom in mining stocks.  Some junior miners could have gone not just 10:1, but 50:1, or 100:1.”

The junior mining sector is more volatile sector on the planet.  The odds of a bubble being created are great.  Some are worthless.  Some are worthwhile.

If you want to speculate, and people will be forced to speculate, to avoid the printing of currency…

  • Biotech.
  • Junior miners.
  • Short bonds.  Interest rates have to go up.  The dollar is going to collapse.  The added default risk premium.  This is the one sure speculation over the next 10 years.  They are at all time highs.



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