Liquid Tide and Black Markets

The theft of Liquid Tide is becoming a national problem.

The retail price is $10 to $20 a bottle.

The black market price is $5 to $10.

How do they steal it? Load a cart with dozens of bottles, then dash for the door and a waiting get away car with the “liquid gold”.

Why Tide and not Wisk? Tide is the most popular brand, and more recognizable with its day-glo orange logo.  There are no serial numbers, and cannot be tracked.  Or taxed.

It has become a black market currency.

The characteristics of a currency:

  1. Wide demand (everybody needs clean clothes)
  2. Recognizable (day-glo orange)
  3. Transportable (it has a handle)
  4. Durable (lasts)
  5. Divisible (has a spout)
  6. High value in relation to volume and weight (with inflation, becomes more valuable)

Alternative currencies can come in any form.

Tide would be a good thing to store for preserving long-term value, especially if you will use it yourself.  There are better alternatives, but this is good.


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