Don’t waste your time.

Don’t waste your time.

Time is valuable.  Attempting to teach lessons to Homeland Security and TSA and other government bureaucrats is not valuable. The system will not end because one brave man had the courage to refuse to cooperate.

The video is 6:54. He could have been through in 5 seconds. Nothing will change as a result.

Common arguments include “if enough people refused to cooperate, it would bring the system down.” Yes, but that is true of every system.  And yet most systems they remain.

The assumption is that we are autonomous individuals. We are not.  In the YouTube description, he writes:

“Reasonable suspicion”, “mere suspicion”, U.S. Code, court cases… In the end, none of it matters. Internal checkpoints in America, or any “free society” are wrong. Period.

Yes, it matters.

When we are stopped by the state, we must play by their rules.  If we want to fly on a plane, we must go through the TSA. If we don’t want to go through the TSA, we can drive. If we drive, we might be stopped at a checkpoint or pulled over by a police officer. If we don’t want to drive, we can walk. If an officer stops us, we can say we do not consent to a search. But he may detain us. These are trade offs.

If a group were serious about resistance, they would organize.  They would use the methods of Saul Alinsky: follow the rules exactly.

William F. Buckley: Alinsky was “very close to being an organizational genius”

Get 200 people.  Get 100 cars.  Each car has a driver and a passenger. Establish with a lawyer that it is legal to video tape. Find a check point that is actually illegal.  (This one was not.) Have each person tell the officer he does not consent to a search. Tape the encounter. Eventually the process will grind to a halt. Rinse and repeat.

If you cannot stop the system by following the rules exactly, you cannot beat them.  They are paid by the hour. They want to detain you.  They like to give pat downs. They’re on the clock.  You’re not.

Here’s a better strategy: maintain a low profile when you cannot win.

Buy coins. Use the alpha strategy. Start a side business. Home school. Use the dog catcher strategy. Live in a safe place. Use the Alinsky method, “follow the rules exactly”. In short – become resilient.

In the meantime, wait for the Great Default.


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