Gluten free is bromide reducing and iodine promoting

AK: Robb Wolf fails to address the phenomenon of ‘cumulative’, and understanding long-term risks.
There are many studies available affirming the deleterious effects of fluoride and other halides — i.e., bromide.  I actually have my own thesis about why gluten-free is effective for many people.  I think the main benefit from going gluten-free isn’t so much the elimination of one problematic protein — i.e., gluten but the removal of bromides.
FS: bromides are in grain?
AK: the removal or mitigation of bromide exposure means your tissues can utilize iodine. Bromide is a bully and crowds out other halides — i.e., iodine. bromide = bad. iodine = good. when your tissues are flooded w/ bromide theyre not able to uptake optimal levels of iodine.  therefore, they miss out on all of the goodness iodine offers your immune system and health.
I think iodine deficiency is a major health issue.
FS: how does bromide interact with gluten?
AK: its added to a bunch of shit .breads especially. bread/flour used to be fortified w/ iodine. up until the 70s or so then some study claimed iodine caused thyroid issues. *study now overwhelmingly rebuked, and very flawed, its very similar to the ancel keys and fats being evil chicanery.
iodine stopped being used to fortify a lot of food products. replaced w/ bromide. bromide is also used in a lot of other products, not just food. i think there are greater benefits from eliminating bromide exposure (thus giving you more iodine) vs eliminating gluten.
one makes the body more robust across the board (b/c its getting more of a vital nutrient). there is also a selection bias. if people go gluten-free, they’re likely eating healthier anyway. so they’re getting more good stuff to help the body/immune system
This is a good article that mentions the ‘goiter belt’. briefly discusses the disadvantages of iodine deficiency. seaweed has a long history of being sought out for medicinal purposes. main reason…iodine. ask any old person what they used to slather on wounds
or use to heal stuff. iodine. used to be a staple until a few decades ago
FS: thats great stuff

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