2014-07-12 Saturday


5 rounds for time
20 KBS, 50#
10 push-ups
3 gi pull-ups

30 flights on the stairmaster in 7:15
focusing on heart rate, got up to 170, down to 145, then up to 170

Idea: develop interval training based on heart rate.  Get a heart rate monitor, and do intervals.  Target a HR for the work, like 165.  Then when the interval is done, don’t start the next one until my HR is below 140.

focus for next week is circadian rhythms.  I need to be more disciplined about bed time and wake up time.  also, I need to fix my bed and the light in the room.  too much light pollution, and the bed feels slanted down because of the magnetico.  this will be a major win if I can get my sleep right.  need more pillows to ensure that I am sleeping on my back.


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