Early to rise…

Found this on the interwebs on how to build the habit of waking up early:
Ok, like 2 years ago I decided to brute force my way into being a morning person. I don’t buy people saying that it’s just something people are or aren’t because I was a night owl thru and thru until I made a focused effort not to be.
First, having a routine to prep for bed is good. I usually stop with any electronics and have a cup of tea. I didn’t even like tea when I started, which actually kind of made it good to pair with a new habit since I didn’t have any old habits associated with it.
Try and go to bed around the same time every night. The first times, you’ll be like “I’m not tired though” and may even end up laying in bed for hours on end bored out of your mind and unable to sleep. There was many a night that I just laid there unable to sleep and would realize it’s 2 am and I’ve been doing nothing since 10. That’s ok! Your body will eventually get with the program. Don’t give in and do other things to try and fall asleep. That’s only keeping your brain more active. And if you say “but it helps me fall asleep,” then start doing that earlier as part of your bed time routine.
The next parts gonna sound weird. So you’re on board with the early bed time and you’re able to fall asleep. Here comes the morning and even though you got your full 8 hours, you still find yourself hitting the snooze button. I would argue the answer is that it’s a habit at this point. So, you need to make getting out of bed as automatic as hitting the snooze. Enter some classical conditioning. During the day when I was not actually sleeping, I got into bed and pretended to be asleep for two minutes. I set my normal alarm to go off and when it did, I immediately turned it off, stood up and walked to the bathroom (the first step in my morning routine). I did this not once, but like 5 times back to back. And I did it a couple of different days too. A little countdown is also a trick I used (I’d think to myself, “getting out of bed in 3, 2, 1). Making it a habit to use a countdown on something I knew I’d actually follow through with makes the countdown more effective. I rarely can even sleep past 8am these days even if I stay up way too late.
Finally, how to not feel groggy. I personally started waking up at 5 so I’d have time to go for a jog because otherwise I’d dread having to exercise all day and make excuses not to. And exercise is also just a fantastic way to wake yourself up. Better than coffee. It sucks, but it takes discipline. Discipline is what keeps you going when motivation gives out. This small change in my daily schedule got me working out consistently and I managed to lose over 40lbs with little to no dietary changes. Once I started improving my health in other ways, I got down to almost 100lbs less than my starting weight. And getting a consistent sleep schedule was a huge factor in improving my overall health.
You are the habits you keep. It takes a week or two for this to really work. Stick with it and you will see results. If it’s not working for you, well then I’d say you didn’t stick with it long enough.
Keep consistent and good sleep habits. Condition yourself to get up out of bed immediately rather than hit snooze. It sounds silly, but actually physically practice getting out of bed as soon as you hear the alarm.

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