Google AI

Thesis: AI is making people better, by facing AI. 

Deep learning has the ability to find nuances, and teach people new strategies through the competitive nature of games. Humans can strategize, compete, and synthesize the new information revealed in the game to become even better.

Summary: Playing anonymously with the stealthy usernames ‘Magister’ and ‘Master,’ DeepMind’s AlphaGo AI has been vanquishing the world’s top Go players online. An updated version of Google’s AlphaGo artificial intelligence has compiled a 60-0 record against some of the game’s premier players recently, including the reigning world champ.

Why it’s important: Last year, Go-playing AI AlphaGo made headlines when it defeated world champion Lee Sedol. But by uploading its AI system to the cloud and facilitating direct interaction with humans (without their knowledge), Google DeepMind has proven that the AI revolution is already here.



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